A Forum for Part 107 - Commercial sUAS Pilots

Study for the Airmen's written exam that will be administered at one of over 650 testing centers across the country.  The FAA will expect the SUAS pilot to be as knowledgable as a private pilot with the exception of the actual flight test.  If you study for the Private Pilot written exam, you will most likely just need to study the UAS-specific topics, then you are ready to take the Remote Pilot Airman Certificate written exam.  Most of the testing centers are co-located with a flight school and you could just enroll in a private pilot ground school there.
Planning for your Part 107 Written Exam

There's dozens of websites, apps and services ranging in price from free to hundreds of dollars - all with the goal of getting your Part 107 Remote Pilot Airman Certificate With a Small UAS Rating.

It's really not complicated or difficult. 

The best source of information is the FAA: https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/fly_for_work_business/becoming_a_pilot/
You could get a self-study book, or app, such as Study Buddy from Sporty's Pilot Shop.  The prices range from $12.95 to an astonishing $579.00.  (Astonishing that anyone would pay $595.00 to prepare for the Private Pilot written exam).
Treetop Academy of Drone Flight offers a free test review with good explanations for the sometime conflicting answers.  This will will prepare you to take the FAA written test to obtain your Small UAS certificate.
Last Update, December 27, 2017