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This Wiki is a collection of tips, rumors, news and other non-legal* information about the FAA Part107 rules

* Note: No copyright infringement is intended and attributions is provided when able.
The information on this Wiki is not a substitute for legal advice.

When possible, the original author of the tip or tutorial is attributed in this Wiki. If your comments or tips show up in this Wiki and you would like attribution, or if you feel like you've been overlooked or if you have something else you wish to contribute to the wiki, please contact me (the Wiki admin) directly.

This is a closed wiki. that is, anyone may read the contents but unlike public Wikis, contributions are strictly limited to a select group of authors. To minimize the time spent managing spam, the administrator has turned off the ability to create an account. Your contributions would be welcome,so please send an email to the administrator to open a contributor's account.

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What is Part 107?
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